Will The Last Of Us Part II Be One Of The Killer Apps Of The PlayStation 5?

Naughty Dog might be planning a cross-gen release for the sequel to The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II.

The following thoughts are from Reddit, so please take them with a grain of salt. The Last of Us Part II is the biggest game in Naughty Dog’s history, and it might feature „unbelievable and stunning” visuals exploring dynamic lightning and graphics as never before, thanks to a new engine, which will „rule Sony’s next generation.” The facial expressions and polygons reached out four times complexity (and amount) than Uncharted’s Lost Legacy, which already features impressive graphics in this generation. The transition from cinematics to gameplay is extremely unseen, it is like you’re still on a cutscene when it is gameplay. The team has worked hard on Ellie, the world is deep and heavy, gameplay/mechanics makes the players feel the tension and the need to survive as never been worked on a game before.

The post adds that Sony will be using The Last of Us Part II to show the world the features the PlayStation 5 has to offer, and we don’t know when we could get this game on the next-gen PlayStation. (It is confirmed to be a PlayStation 4 title with a 2020 release.) Also, the realism towards the graphics in this title is why it will allegedly be the key Sony may be using during the PlayStation 5 reveal, which, according to rumours, should happen in February. We don’t know what Sony might be planning as the marketing is spread across multiple teams – if they put The Last of Us Part II into the PlayStation 5 launch bundles, they might strike gold with this move.

We’ll see how much of it is true.

Source: Comicbook

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