There Are Still Some Secrets In P.T.! [VIDEO]

Even though Silent Hills will never be completed (unless Konami thinks they’ll ditch Hideo Kojima‘s concept and entirely remake the whole game…), its teaser, P.T. (Playable Teaser for short, which has been unavailable on the PlayStation Store for years now), still has a lot of secrets to uncover.

Lance McDonald has written the following on Twitter: „In P.T., it’s common to hear noises as if Lisa is right behind you, or see weird shadows moving around in front of you, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there. I hacked the game to allow the player to see behind them without actually turning around and… [Lisa is standing there] Also the number of times Lisa has grabbed me and scared the absolute s___ out of my while trying to test patches is exhausting. I never get used to it. She actually attaches to the player’s back as soon as you get the flashlight, here [he means the Twitter video below – the ed.], I demonstrate how you can see some strange shadows. I then lock the camera in place and walk forward, showing how she’s always there… following you… I have much more to show you, I’m excited to work on this. At the moment my camera patches are very limited, but I hope to attach them to the gamepad soon so I can freely move it as I like.”

The scariest of it all is how Lisa is shaking behind us while floating like she is having a seizure. It is frightening, and this might just be the beginning, according to what Lance McDonald is saying…

P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store in 2015, after Kojima left Konami, cancelling Silent Hills, too. This was the trigger point of Death Stranding, which will launch on November 8 on PlayStation 4. Let’s look at the image and the video.

Source: DualShockers

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