Days Gone’s New Game+ Mode Is Available [VIDEO]

Days Gone, Sony Interactive Bend Studio‘s game from this spring has received its 1.50 update, which is hefty – it weighs in at 13 gigabytes, so it is recommended to be an overnight download for those who have slow Internet…

The update is free, so don’t worry about paying. In the update, we not only get New Game+ Mode, but also two new difficulty levels, plus trophies related to them. In New Game+, as expected, we start with the upgrades with which we ended our first playthrough. NERO boosters, skills, Drifter Bike Upgrades, camp trust and credit achievements will carry over. You don’t have to beat the game to access NG+ – to have a previous save file pushed over into New Game+, you have to finish the I’m Never Giving Up mission strand (the second to last in the SIE Bend Studio’s game).

The two new difficulty modes are Hard II and Survival II. The latter seems to be an upgrade of Survival, which was added to the game shortly after it launched: it cranked up the challenge by making the enemies harder to take down, and also, the UI was disabled. (Is there anyone sick and crazy enough to beat New Game+ on Survival II? If there is, good luck, but we recommend taking a break, too.)

Three new trophies are coming. They are called One More Ride, 2 Days 2 Gone, and Logan’s Shadow. The first two aren’t that interesting (they are related to New Game+), but the third one sounds intriguing. Logan’s Shadow is the subtitle of the 2007 Syphon Filter game (which came out on PSP, then, according to this blogpost, the PS2 in the US in the summer of 2010). The trophy’s description says we’ll get „a mysterious new weapon” in New Game+, which underlines a link between the two SIE Bend franchises.

Sony continues to keep us engaged with this PlayStation 4-exclusive, too.

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