Is Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman Game’s Name Revealed?

We already suspected that the Canadian studio is developing a Batman game, but its name has been a big question mark.

Sabi’s name might not say a lot, but if we told you that he is a reliable industry insider (especially how he correctly revealed Sony’s, Microsoft’s, and Nintendo’s announcements before E3), things might be in a different light. Now, he wrote something interesting about the Batman game in development at Warner Bros. Montreal on Twitter: „[Batman:] Arkham Legacy? The stuff about the playable family seems to be legit.” That doesn’t say a lot in itself, so let’s add what Thomas Polito, another insider, replied with. It’s a gif that says „It’s the truth.”

Previously, we wrote about how Warner’s studio (whose last game was Batman: Arkham Origins six years ago – the other titles in the Arkham series were developed by Rocksteady, another silent studio nowadays) might be developing a game with the Court of Owls storyline. Scott Snyder, a Batman writer, has effectively confirmed its existence. Now, we learned the title. Batman: Arkham Legacy, with a playable Wayne family. That sounds good on paper, but we have to see it in action to have proper judgement.

However, we have to add that Warner Bros. still doesn’t seem to even bother about announcing the two studios’ (Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal) next game, and since we’re a year from the PlayStation 5’s and the Xbox Project Scarlett’s launch (we recently discussed the former’s possible release date and price), they are likely both making a next-gen title, unless they somehow make a current-gen port.

We have no idea what Warner is waiting for – Batman: Arkham Knight was released four years ago at this point; something new is needed at this point.

Source: WCCFTech

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