Fighting Games Would Only Work On Streaming Platforms With Appropriate Designs

This thought is by Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter IV and V. He talked about it at EGX 2019. Stream Fighter!

„The thing is that the current games are only transmitting the actual inputs and commands across the network and all the graphics and so forth are handled locally, even then we have difficulty getting it working right. If we could create a game that was designed from the ground up to be put out on of these streaming platforms, that might be more feasible in the future,” Ono said, coining the term Stream Fighter in the process. He says that the technical limits don’t allow current fighting games to properly work on a streaming platform (such as Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Project xCloud) without lag, which would ruin your combo planning (as they need precise timing after all…). He even says local processing is an issue for now. Perhaps the next-gen consoles could come over this problem.

Ono also talked about Final Fight, which is Capcom’s older fighting game IP, more of a beat’em up than a 1v1 fighter series, though. He’d gladly revive this series, which would suit Capcom’s plans to revive dormant IPs: „The one [IP] I invested the most money into whenever I was still a player was Final Fight and I’d love to see that come back someday. You know, sometimes I write up little concepts by myself but they don’t get anywhere so you never know in the future,” Ono said. The last Final Fight game was Final Fight: Streetwise in 2006 on the PS2, so it’s been a long time…

So the producer of Street Fighter has a few ideas. Perhaps Capcom should listen to Ono. And he has a point – for example, we couldn’t image Street Fighter V on the Google Stadia.

Source: PushSquare, PushSquare

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