Is Ubisoft Starting To Tease The Return Of Sam Fisher?

The French company is probably highly enjoying annoying the fans of Splinter Cell at this point, about the return of Sam Fisher.

So the Spanish account of Ubisoft has published the following tweet below. In case you don’t know Spanish (you’re not alone with this, to be fair…), then we’ll translate the tweet for you: „You need to understand the darkness to face it…” They published it out of nowhere without any context, and since it is an official account, it cannot be a hoax, especially how we have heard many times from Ubisoft that they did not forget about Sam Fisher, the protagonist of Splinter Cell. Are they preparing for this year’s The Game Awards?

There were reports of Ubisoft working together with Facebook (Oculus…) on a Splinter Cell VR title – in July, the two companies have stricken a deal so that the French company can develop Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell projects for Oculus’ VR headsets. Also, there are two AAA games on Ubisoft’s 2020 April – 2021 March fiscal year roster that has not been announced yet. If they won’t be a new Far Cry and an Assassin’s Creed game (although the latter has been all but confirmed – it will be a next-gen launch title…), then there’s the chance of Splinter Cell getting either a new instalment or a remaster of an older one.

We previously wrote about how Ubisoft wants to give Splinter Cell a big comeback, and with new types of experiences. They also said that they are working on the brand, meaning they could break away from their Far Cry-Assassin’s Creed-Watch Dogs triumvirate to give one of their older, successful series a new chance. (Same for Prince of Persia.)

If the tweet was nothing else than trying to get attention, then good job, but we’ll not say anything else…

Source: VG247

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