BioWare shares the first illustrations of Mass Effect games without announcing

For now there is no firm detail about their names, release dates and the like.

Yesterday, BioWare celebrated the day of N7 in commemoration of the Mass Effect series, which is currently going through a period of stagnation: after all, its managers are focused on keeping Anthem afloat and the development of the new Dragon Age. But director Casey Hudson has also taken the opportunity to share illustrations about future ME games and a message of hope about the future.

“We have so many ideas for things we want to do in Mass Effect, so many concepts that have not yet come true, and so many stories to tell yet,” says his publication on Twitter, accompanied by four pieces of conceptual art on several worlds of science fiction yet to discover in the series.

Of course, these environments and many others that we have not yet seen may not be able to move to future Mass Effect games, or arrive with variations, or take several deliveries to be seen. Be that as it may, what matters is that the beloved RPG series still has a lot to say in its next iteration, which supposedly should be seen after the hypothetical Dragon Age 4.

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