Is BioWare Working On An Anthem Relaunch?

We have already seen that BioWare is working on Dragon Age 4, but it’s several years away (as a next-gen title) – but we have learned what they might do until then with their Anthem game.

Kotaku‘s Jason Schreier revealed what BioWare is planning at the moment, despite the studio not being in the best place right now: Anthem effectively launched as a half-baked title, and most of its planned post-launch has been cancelled as well.

Schreier thinks that BioWare is technically working on Anthem 2.0 (something similar has happened before at Square Enix: after the original Final Fantasy XIV flopped, they relaunched it as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and it was successful), so the loot, the missions, the social features, and even the difficulty could be revamped. Also, BioWare might be splitting up Anthem’s currently single, contiguous open-world into chunks, as it allows them easier work on individual regions. There’s no info when the live-service game’s 2.0 version could come, as even BioWare doesn’t know if they want to follow the No Man’s Sky formula (slowly update the game with smaller additions), go with the Destiny route (launch it as a major expansion), or do what Electronic Arts would like the best (relaunch the game as a new, full-priced title).

Also, Mass Effect’s next instalment is allegedly in „very early development” at BioWare’s Edmonton studio, with Mike Gamble as its director (previously, he was the producer of the series for a long time). It’s several years away, though, as Dragon Age 4 is the next big project for BioWare aside from Anthem 2.0 (which has several employees at the moment).

So BioWare is not giving up, but it will be hard for them to gain back the trust of the fans… that’s not the easiest task.

Source: WCCFTech

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