Artificial Intelligence Writing A Text Adventure While Playing It

The artificial intelligence is trying to create a refined text adventure with deep learning (this genre has been prominent in the 80s, but even in the 90s).

This AI is called AI Dungeon 2, created by Nick Walton. He used OpenAI to make a retro text adventure with machine learning. As it’s a text-based game, you have to type in what you want to do, and it’s recommended to start your text with a verb, but you can get responses with other words as well – PCGamer‘s example had the writer control a wizard, and he found out in a few turns that he was responsible for the destruction, followed by facing a younger version of himself.

However, the technology is far from being perfect, but it will improve over time (as artificial intelligence learns with deep learning, meaning more usage will equal better results and games). Nowadays, it does have its problems from a never-ending loop to even crashing, and since the text adventure is randomly generated, you might never find two players sharing the same experience. Those who like to play Dungeon & Dragons (D&D), it’s effectively the interactive version of that, needing no table, paper, and pencil, and not even a Dungeon Master, as your PC will take that role.

By clicking here, and then on Play AI Dungeon 2, you can play, but make sure to wait a few minutes to load up, as the technology is based on „OpenAI’s largest 1.5B parameter model,” and it was trained with Choose Your Story‘s website’s interactive fictions. (If it’s offline, you can download it from Github, but it will require a free CUDA download and a beefy GPU with 12 GB VRAM. The tech needs resources.)

It better not become Skynet, we don’t have a John Connor to survive.

Source: PCGamer

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