P.T.’s Playable Protagonist Revealed [VIDEO]

P.T., or Playable Teaser for short, hasn’t been available on the PlayStation Store for years, making its legal acquisition impossible (unless you borrow a hard drive with it…?) – yet, the Kojima-project’s teaser is still getting interest throughout the world.

About P.T. (or Silent Hills, which it was supposed to tease…), Norman Reedus, the actor behind the protagonist of Death Stranding, has recently said that he’s happy Silent Hills was never finished, but it’s not sure that everyone agrees with him. Still, recently, we discussed P.T. in another way: someone started to look deeper into the game to find more secrets – with a bit of camera hacking, he managed to find that Lisa, a character, has constantly been behind us throughout P.T., which is anything but relaxing. (That’s a good thing, though: creating and keeping tension is essential for a survival horror title.)

Lance McDonald, who previously found Lisa, now revealed who the protagonist of P.T. is: „Just to put any uncertainty finally to rest after all this time, yes, the guy you play as in P.T. is the same guy we see in the ending cinematic. Not that there any real doubt, but yeah, it’s Norman Reedus the whole time,” he wrote on Twitter, with the following video as proof.

We can forget about P.T., or Silent Hills, or Silent Hill in general, as Konami doesn’t seem to care about home video games aside from the annual Pro Evolution Soccer football games, and even Silent Hill’s next game was confirmed (and discussed us) to be used in a slot machine…

Kojima and co have left the company years ago, and he made Death Stranding independently (okay, with a bit of help from Sony). The game’s been out on PlayStation 4 for a month, with a PC port following in about half a year.

Source: GameSpot

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