The Nintendo Switch Has Become One Of The „Most Important And Influential Gadgets” Of The Decade

It’s a respectable recognition, especially when it is coming from a long-time running publication for a little over two and a half years old console that could also be used as a portable, Nintendo Switch.

It’s the Time magazine that has published a decade list, which includes the Nintendo Switch as well. It previously was named one of the biggest inventions of 2017 by Time, so it’s not the first Time (pardon the pun…) that Nintendo got recognised. But what did Time write about the Nintendo Switch?

„When it comes to gaming on the go, no one can top Nintendo’s track record, beginning with the humble Game Boy in 1989, but the introduction of its hybrid Nintendo Switch in 2017 — which you can play either portably or connected to your TV — might be the company’s most important contribution to gaming yet. Compared to the competition, it handily takes the crown as the most important video game console of the decade, with fans begging developers to bring their next title to the Switch. Its smartphone-inspired portability, paired with Nintendo’s ever-growing library of blockbuster, independent and vintage titles, makes the Switch feel like the culmination of Nintendo’s idea of what gaming should be,” their write-up says.

In this decade, the following devices got included in Time’s list (in order): Apple iPad (2010), Tesla Model S (2012), Raspberry Pi (2012), Google Chromecast (2013), DJI Phantom (2013), Amazon Echo (2014), Apple Watch (2015), Apple AirPods (2016), Nintendo Switch (2017), and Xbox Adaptive Controller (2018). Even Microsoft got included for creating a controller that allows more people to play their games. Sony is nowhere – the PlayStation 4 might have sold over a hundred million units, that does not matter here.

(A bit of trivia: previously, Oculus’ founder, Palmer Luckey was on one of the covers, but no VR devices got included in the list above. That’s weird.)

Source: VG247

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