Top 10 Games of 2019 – The Magnificent Ten

OPINION – Was 2019 a great year? Which were the best games this year? Which deserves to be in the TOP 10? Here’s OUR opinion! Yours’s differing? Tell us about in the comments!


Gaming-wise this year was rather strong with excellent titles, with some surprise hits along the way. It must be mentioned, that we didn’t take into account the so many Switch ports of older titles, like The Witcher 3, Vampyr, Resident Evil 4-5-6 which could have potentially figure on this list as well.

There are also some hard choices along the way (yes, this year was THAT good) as we couldn’t fit everything into the list. We wanted to keep some diversity as well, that’s why an adventure game (Plague Tale) could fit into our top ten list with so many great titles this year and some others didn’t figure.

As always: this list is heavily subjective, so again: feel free to comment on it! And yet again: we quoted from our reviews to better „make a point”, why we feel this game deserves to be on the top list.


Here’s our top list of 2019


Metro 4 - But things change when Artyom goes to the surface again, but this time, with Anna, because they see a train move through the snowy and cold winter of Moscow.

10. Metro Exodus

“Metro Exodus is a nearly perfect game. Its level of immersion is incredibly high because its dangerous world is built very consistently and in a very believable way. The different aspects of the gameplay work flawlessly together and the narrative elevates them to a new level. It’s such a great experience to play it and sink into its world. My problems with the game are purely technical, but these weren’t that big and these are probably going to get fixed soon anyway.

Metro Exodus is a must-have for people who love FPS games, survival games, or games with a great narrative.”


You can read our full review of Metro Exodus here.


Both sides as per the original game, are entirely different with separate routes, story beats, and cutscenes.

10. Resident Evil 2 Remake

“Resident Evil was already not for the faint of heart, but with this remake, the developers have gone out of their way to make everything disgusting and bloody. From Hellblazer like body horror to screams of agony, the remake does not hold back. The new RE engine that was used in Resident Evil 7 has been updated and drives the experience for RE2 Remake. The result is something of a technical marvel, where the environments, the enemies, and even the sound effects (for the most part). Every shot has a visible effect on the zombies, and most enemies, not just by simply falling down or crawling, but bits of flesh tear away as they get shot. They scream when hit by flame shots, or if they get hit by a shotgun round. The environment also has been completely remade and looks stunning, plus there are alternative routes, new secrets, and all in high definition. Also, the HDR makes the game pop out more if you have a 4K HDR TV.”


You can read our full review of Resident Evil 2 Remake here.


When you approach Death Stranding, you’ll have to ask yourself: what do you expect from the tired genre of open-world games?

8. Death Stranding

“Throughout this review of Death Stranding, I wanted to highlight its positive aspects and also what least convinced me. But that has only been my trip. One that in my case has hit me in ways I did not expect. But Death Stranding’s ability is to create as many different trips as players approach him. Show that video games can be brave, and in that bravery, not everyone will feel them the same. I have seen in his work, above all, authorship. An overflowing personality. A game that is not created from a mold, following explored formulas and that has already been shown to work, so much so that they have been repeated. Is it a new genre? That is something time and players must decide, although I personally do not think so.question the limits and boundaries of what can be created and told in a video game.”


You can read our full review of Death Stranding here.


Focus Home Interactive is also a publisher that seems to focus on niche titles, and interesting concepts. From Call of Cthulhu, to The Surge, Blood Bowl, and to Vampyr they have a wide catalogue of different games published under them.

7. Plague Tale

“A Plague Tale: Innocence is an experience, an easy to digest, but nevertheless a fun experience. It does not overstay its welcome, does not try to be a bloated adventure game or an open-world survival game. The story is compelling, it looks great, and has one of the best soundtracks of 2019. Hopefully, we do not have to wait for something similar from Asobo Studios for another ten years.”


You can read our full review of Plague Tale here.


The story of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order begins shortly after the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. And the least we can do is that it's no good being Jedi. After decreeing his great Purge, the Empire hunts down the Knights of the Force one by one to eradicate them.

6. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

“Successful bet for Electronic Arts, which confided a big challenge to the studio Respawn: deliver a solo experience, as mastered as true to the matrix work. Admittedly, the flaws are there: the game sometimes suffers from a lack of personality in its mechanics, a repetitiveness often rough, and a lack of finish here and there. But he succeeds the unexpected: open the imaginary Star Wars to new horizons and new characters, with generosity and maturity on the model of the stars of the AAA. Whether you’re a fan of the saga or not, Fallen Order will have more than one asset in its pocket to convince both sides.”


You can read our full review of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order here.


Fair warning, but minor spoilers ahead. The story of Days Gone is a rather simple one, where humanity gets overrun by Freakers.

5. Days Gone

“In the end, Days Gone is a good game with a few odd design decision and some minor bugs that have mostly been squashed out by patch 1.07. It provides a unique experience, with a fun and interesting storyline that feels four or five season’s worth of a zombie show. It is not perfect, and a bit janky at times, but it is a really good game, and a great Sony Exclusive. If you want to experience the rush of surviving just by the skin of your teeth Days Gone is the best place to start.”


You can read our full review of Days Gone here.


Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten, as it doesn't give a rat's ass about the trends and the current day. Instead, it is a decent CRPG.

4. Disco Elysium

“Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten, as it doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the trends and the current day. Instead, it is a decent CRPG. If only it looked a bit better, and if only it had a bit more audio, then it would honestly be a 9.5, and I usually don’t give high scores (nor writings, because it is pointless…), and the next game (the usual stacking reviews on top of each other, with zero motivation) will likely go right back into the 6 out of 10 territory. A decent story, great gameplay, perfect ambience – and its spec requirements are low as well, it could even run on a toaster. Speaking of running.”


You can read our full review of Disco Elysium here.


It is a relatively simple story, with not that many twists or turns, and a lot of things are spelt out by the developers. The occasional revelations do happen, but I think the players will appreciate the story and most importantly the lore around Buddha plus Japanese history.

3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

“Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice does have its issues, and it is not a perfect game. Bosses and enemies still have the From Software signature tracking attack. The stealth as mentioned previously while working most of the time is a bit half baked. Yet I can not stop going back for more, as this is one of 2019 this generation’s best action game ever. The bosses besides the usual tracking bit (which is a small thing), never feel cheap, and in fact, the loading screens spell out what to do against certain bosses, or even give descriptions to items.

It is the most accessible From Software game in terms of lore and story but at the same time the most difficult game from them. There are barely any shortcuts, and the player needs to learn and grow from the encounters. You will not die, but your blood pressure will skyrocket, and you will feel bliss once you get through a tough boss… only to encounter a mini-boss the next corner and get wrecked.”


You can read our full review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice here.


„Control is Jesse Fadens’s story. The main plot focuses on her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director.

2. Control

“In the end, Remedy created something unique, and interesting with a great story, and superb art style. Yet it is not for everyone, as the story is only fully understood with the collectables, and the imagery might be too David Lynch for some people.

All in all, Control is a great game that could have used a bit more budget, with a unique vision for 2019.”


You can read our full review of Control here.


These parts are made up of a proportion of combat, but they also put special emphasis on two of the things I liked most about Astral Chain.

1. Astral Chain

“Astral Chain is the consecration of all the experience accumulated by PlatinumGames, not only in the combative side of its productions but also in other less treated areas such as exploration. The result is a vertiginous videogame in the playable and in the variety, with a very long-lasting campaign, very high replayability, very powerful elements of progression and an audiovisual quality that takes full advantage of Nintendo Switch. An exclusive that is worth its weight in gold, or rather in platinum, that metal that never loses its lustre, just as Platinum developers have shown us this time.”


You can read our full review of Astral Chain here.

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