Is Sony Skipping The 2020 E3 As Well?

It seems E3 might be lacking Sony once again, after them skipping out on the 2019 event.

Since the cancellation of the 2018 PlayStation Experience, Sony hasn’t been partaking in many events, as the company decided to follow Nintendo’s example. Because of it, Nintendo Direct has inspired the creation of State of Play, which a (series of) stream(s) that showcase the new games that are coming to PlayStation.

However, 2020’s E3 will be important – Microsoft is preparing for the event, but it won’t be the same as seven years ago, as back then, they didn’t announce the name of the console prematurely (plus they didn’t show its design either). They revealed the name and design at an event in May. And VGC reports that Sony will not join Microsoft in Los Angeles, but a few of their sources believe Sony has plans to make a return. So they don’t know what the company is preparing – perhaps Sony itself didn’t decide yet. (Maybe it’s up to Jim Ryan, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who has been making PlayStation Europe-centric.)

VGC talked with the Xbox team, and they believe Sony is going to be another no-show at E3, and they want to make good use of their absence. „As far as I know, they don’t plan to attend […] I hope they change their minds, but I am sceptical,” Wedbush Securities’ popular analyst, Michael Pachter, believes.

So let’s not put our hopes on Sony attending E3 this year either. In 2013, Sony Interactive Entertainment had a different leader – Andrew House, who will always be remembered for announcing the price of the PlayStation 4 (a hundred bucks lower than the Xbox One, as it forced the new Kinect on us in the first year or so), was far more characteristic than Ryan. Perhaps this is why they keep distance…?

Source: WCCFTech

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