The Manager of The Witcher Series on Netflix Talks About its Commitment to Books and Not CD Projekt Games [VIDEO]

The Witcher series main manager points out that it would be pointless to create “the adaptation of an adaptation”.

With the eyes already on the future premiere of its second season, and after enjoying great success among fans, the author of the popular series of The Witcher on Netflix has talked more about the production of this television series, explaining something that on the other hand seems obvious: why have they been based on books and not video games?

“The answer is very simple and that video games are based on books. They are an adaptation of books, ” explains Lauren S. Hissrich,” To me, it makes no sense to create the adaptation of an adaptation. ” The Netflix series, on the other hand, seeks to offer its own vision of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantastic stories. “What this allows us is to tell the story of The Witcher, but in a different way.”

“I think that many video game fans are worried that we are taking something from them. That we are usurping something that is theirs. And the truth is that I love video games, ” continues Hissrich. “They’re not going anywhere. They have been a tremendous success. And I just hope our series is that successful. Video games are not going anywhere, nor are books. This is just a third way to enjoy of the same characters and the same universe. ”

Many fans of the universe The Witcher have known the stories of Geralt de Rivia thanks to the video games of CD Projekt RED, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being his most successful and successful production. In these books, Andrzej Sapkowski’s stories are freely adapted, while Netflix has chosen to focus primarily on the stories of the first novel, The Last Wish, which has increased its sales in recent weeks. The same has happened with video games, with a great boost in the number of players of The Witcher 3.

The enormous success of The Witcher also coincided with the announcement of a new agreement between CD Projekt and the author of the books, opening the doors to new games based on The Witcher.

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