A Multitasking Approach With The PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5 Sony might be benefitting those who like to do more than one thing at a time.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s new patent will change the game invite system, meaning we can join our friends’ PlayStation 5 sessions differently. Currently, if we get an invite and we accept it, we immediately get into the multiplayer session. This will change with the PlayStation 5 but in an unexpected way.

Let’s quote part of this patent:

  • Launching occurs without user intervention at the invitee computer device
  • Invitee console will show a gaming session launch window associated with the launching, based on the invitation
  • Invitee console will display the window as a picture-in-picture if other game processes or apps are running
  • The game will launch as a background process
  • Launching is occurring automatically with one or more applications are running in the foreground on invitee computing device


Systems and methods for establishing a multiplayer gaming session are provided. A method can include selecting at least one invitee computing device from a plurality of invitee computing devices to join the multiplayer gaming session and a game from a list of games for the multiplayer gaming session. The method can include transmitting an invitation to join the multiplayer gaming session to the at least one invitee computing device and causing the at least one invitee computing device to launch the game in a background process with one or more applications running in the foreground at the invitee computer.

Let’s put it in a practical example. Let’s say you’re watching The Witcher on Netflix. Then, you get an invitation from a friend. The game – as a background process – starts up in the background, BUT, and now for the fun part, it will show up in one corner of your display, and you can even PLAY this way as well! PiP (picture-in-picture) gaming! You can beat your friend in the new Gran Turismo (because we’re fairly sure Polyphony Digital works on Gran Turismo 7, or whatever the next GT will be called, and it might even be a launch title according to some rumours…) on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife while watching Geralt defeat his enemies.

As we get more and more patents every two or three days, we’re just waiting for Sony to spill the beans and say they will have a presentation here on this day. (It could be Sony Hall in New York on February 29. A closed-doors event…) The PlayStation 5 will launch this Holiday season, and Jim Ryan, the president-CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that we haven’t seen the more unique features of the PS5 yet…

Source: PSU

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