Dreams: Multiplayer Is A Long Way Off; Next-Gen Version Possible

Dreams – The next game from Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet), which allows you to make games, is quickly planning to expand.

Dreams was announced a long time ago. It happened in February 2013, at a PlayStation Meeting, where the PlayStation 4 was revealed. Now, we can find the game in both physical and digital form in stores, so despite the longer-than-usual development time, we can use our creativity as much as we can. The players have done some outstanding things in the game so far, and we mentioned a few in the past few months.

„There are a few different angles. [The PlayStation] VR [support] is in the pipeline and is actually nearly done, to be honest. I’d love to get multiplayer in there but we haven’t got a date for that as that’s not nearly done, but that’s one that I really care about as I designed the code for multiplayer from the beginning so I’m confident it’ll come out, I just can’t say when. And we’re a game studio, we’re not tools studio so they’re going to want to get our teeth into some meaty content. So I think that we were going to make more games in Dreams for sure – 100% guaranteed.

I know there will be free updates, and they will be juicy. I don’t know how we’re going to package it. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to work in parallel on a few things. And VR is the most cooked of them. And then we’ll release them as and when we can. I imagine we will have paid content – maybe if we got Kojima’s Dreams, you know, if you’re reading this Kojima come on down and we’ll make Kojima’s Dreams,” Alex Evans, the founder of Media Molecule, as well as the director of Dreams, told Eurogamer.

The studio thus doesn’t rule out multiplayer, but what about the PlayStation 5 and the PC? „At the moment, we’re focused on PlayStation 4 and I would actually hope that it extends the life of the PS4, to be honest with you, then maybe when other companies start making games for it, the community will carry on making games for it, but if it’s as successful as we hope it is then it’s an obvious progression. It’s a platform, so ideally in the future, we’ll migrate to whatever is relevant,” Mark Healey, co-founder of Media Molecule, told VGC. What about a PC version? „I think that would be cool. Sony has an opinion about that but yeah, I think, I don’t know where it’s going to go in the future, I mean it would be great to see that. That’s not something that’s happening right now, but I think a lot of that depends on where the games industry goes in general, I suppose.”

So Dreams is looking good: PlayStation VR-support, multiplayer, and even a possible PlayStation 5 and PC port…

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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