Gearbox announces the death of Landon Montgomery, one of its founders

For now, the reason for the death of Landon Montgomery has not transpired. The company and its members show their condolences.

Gearbox has communicated the sad news in the last hours: the one who was one of the co-founders of the firm after successes such as the Borderlands saga or Brother in Arms, Landon Montgomery, has passed away. A sad event of which the cause has not yet been revealed, a circumstance that, perhaps, his family wants to keep private.

He was one of the main founders of Gearbox. Naturally, the condolences of Gearbox and some of its representatives were not long in coming. From the official Twitter account of the firm, a statement has been written explaining that they are ” heartbroken after learning today of the death of one of our co-founders, Landon Montgomery. Landon played a great role in helping us to put ourselves in the way in our first years. We will always remember him and we will be grateful for having been part of our lives. In difficult times, our recognition, affection and affection for those who were close to us. ”

The company’s boss, Randy Pitchford, has also had a moment on Twitter sharing a friendly anecdote: “I remember when we were nominated for the Game of the Year award and competed against Quake 3, Unreal Tournament and Ghost Recon. Although we had no chance, we went to the awards with me and we won. We had to go out to the stage to accept the award and I loved his speech. ”

Pitchford acknowledged, “I still need to process it all. He left Gearbox in 2007 I think, and while I’ve only seen him a few times in the last ten years, I can’t imagine how those closest to him will be fitting the news.” Montgomery and a group of developers including Pitchford himself founded the foundation for Gearbox in 1999. He left the company in the middle of the past decade. From theGeek we join the condolences of the industry.

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