PlayStation 5 Game Start: Sony Wants This As So Easy As on Netflix

The company seeks to offer a faster PlayStation 5 game start, to enjoy when you are out of time.

Details about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have not stopped in recent weeks. One of the elements that manufacturers have the most impact on is the speed when starting or resuming the game, with functions such as Microsoft’s Quick Resume system, or that of Sony’s patent this week, with a system for speed up the start of the games and their modes. Apparently, Sony wants to start a game “as simple as on Netflix”, or that’s what Jason Schreier says.

The well-known editor of Kotaku has made a comment on ResetEra about that Sony patent that we mentioned before, to expand it with some of the data it has received from its sources. According to them, one of the points that Sony repeats most to the developers in the face of their console is that “playing a PS5 game should be as simple as Netflix”, about the ease of its interface, and the speed at the time to start content.

On this, Schreier clarified next that in PlayStation “they want the players to feel that they can load the game immediately and know exactly how long it is going to take a given activity” so that it is faster to get to play, and people can play short games on your games between hours, instead of reserving the console only when they have several hours off.

With the publication of the latest Sony patent, and considering its intentions for PS5, it seems that the company wants to offer a faster PlayStation 5 game start, to spend more time playing, and less loading. If you have missed any of the recent novelties of the console, we remind you that recently the technical characteristics of PS5 were published, a console that, as confirmed by your company, is still on track for the end of this year.

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