Is Tencent And Huawei Working Together On A Cloud Gaming Service?

Two significant Chinese tech companies, both with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, working together – it smells like a state service…

In the past year, streaming games from the cloud has become a thing. Project xCloud (Microsoft), PlayStation Now (Sony), Google Stadia, GeForce Now (Nvidia) – and these are just a couple of examples; even Electronic Arts is working on something (Project Atlas). Now, it seems the Chinese are about to enter the market. Reuters reports that Tencent has teamed up with Huawei to work together on a cloud gaming service.

On paper, this is a dream team. Tencent is mainly strong in software (WeChat, QQ, and these are just two messaging services – the former is known for mass surveillance in China…), while Huawei is mostly focused on hardware (making phones, routers and such – they are also working on 5G networks, although in the United States, this company, along with ZTE, is on a ban list for American telecommunication companies).

The service is claimed to be called GameMatrix, and it will utilise Huawei’s Kunpeng series of processors. That’s interesting: instead of using something from AMD or Intel, they use something local. The service is going to launch in China first (unsurprisingly), staying exclusive for a while before it goes international (this is a surprise, though). In the local testing, they want to get rid of the issues so the service would work normally outside China. However, we have no idea when GameMatrix could launch. Maybe it could take even years to get off the ground in China, let alone elsewhere.

As Tencent has shares in many companies throughout the world (two examples: Ubisoft, Epic Games), it seems they continue the international expansion. However, we don’t know if GameMatrix could be competitive against the other services.

Source: WCCFTech

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