Hideo Kojima Wants Us To Be Afraid Of His Horror Game

Talking about a horror game is suspicious, especially since there isn’t one announced…

Hideo Kojima was interviewed by BAFTA (British Academy of Films and Television Arts), and he said the following: „I’m easily frightened myself, so I have confidence that I could create something more terrifying than perhaps others could. I get frightened of things like darkness and imagine shadows of ghosts in the dark. Just like Hitchcock or Spielberg did.”

He also talked about P.T., which is no longer available on the PlayStation Store, as the game it was meant to tease (Silent Hills) got cancelled by Konami: „P.T. is special. Human fear ultimately stems from the unknown. P.T. was an experiment in producing an effect in response to that nature. So, the reaction was as expected – if anything we could say that it was a great success as a teaser. P.T. was a mysterious game, created by a mysterious studio, with no previous announcement or information, so it used forbidden techniques to increase fear. It was a one-off thing, so we cannot reuse that method again.

P.T. ended as just an experiment, but I would like to make another horror game someday. Something that uses a revolutionary method to create terror, that doesn’t just make you pee your pants, but crap them. I already have ideas in mind,” he added.

We can’t even imagine what the Japanese genius has in store for us. Recently, Kojima Productions’ tweets seemed to hint at them working on something Silent Hill-related, until Konami stepped in and officially shut down these rumours. (Then again, they could be lying, or the PR person pushed to the microphone had no clue.) Perhaps the PlayStation 5 could see Kojima’s idea in action, supported by Sony’s wallet and them providing complete creative freedom.

Source: VG247

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