Project Tempo: Amazon’s Game Streaming Service To Launch In 2021?

Amazon‘s attack now has a name after semi-official confirmation. Details about Amazon’s short-term plans.

In February 2016, we heard about Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine. How is this related to streaming? We’ll get to it. Still, this engine was the fork of Crytek’s CryEngine. In the Fall of that year, the company announced three games, all using Lumberyard. They were Breakaway, Crucible, and New World, with all three being developed in-house at different studios of Amazon. In February 2018, Breakaway got canned, and New World, with a planned May 26 launch day on Steam, is coming soon. Crucible? Now for the next chapter of the story.

New York Times reports that Crucible isn’t canned. It’s planned to launch in May – it looks like Amazon was planning to showcase it in March, then release the game in April, but the coronavirus caused issues in Jeff Bezos’ company’s plans. This game is developed in Amazon’s Seattle studio, named Relentless. Its godfather was Bezos, as he wanted to call Amazon as such.

Relentless is led by Louis Castle, who happened to be a founding member of some studio called Westwood Studios, who in turn created something called Command & Conquer in the mid-90s… Crucible would be some battle royale, but the new report now describes it as a team shooter with MOBA elements, with a significant focus on streamer integration, meaning the viewers could interact with the game (after all, Twitch is also owned by Amazon). There are more casual interactive games to be revealed via Twitch this summer, but there are also bigger games in the works. One of them is a Lord of the Rings MMO (handled by Amazon’s Irvine studio, currently working on New World), and there’s another, unannounced project, being developed by Amazon San Diego (which is lead by ex-Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley).

And Project Tempo would be Amazon’s cloud-based game streaming service that would use AWS’ infrastructure. The rumours say that Amazon would have shown it to us this year, but the New York Times’ anonymous sources claim that the coronavirus issues might push it over to 2021. They’ll likely claim that there will be a big integration with the Lumberyard engine to make the game „streaming ready.” This is the future, though.

Source: WCCFTech

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