Paradise Lost: Post-Nuclear Polish Story On PlayStation 5, Too [VIDEO]

A Polish nuclear Hell – that could be a short, fitting description for Paradise Lost, which got confirmed for PC (Steam), as well as PlayStation 5.

All In! Games stayed true to its name: they gave it all when they started work on Paradise Lost. It’s a game running on Unreal Engine 4, and it will use a first-person perspective, featuring a 12-year-old boy, shortly after a family tragedy. He discovers a Nazi bunker – as this game is set in an alternative timeline, where the second World War didn’t end, it makes sense.

„After 20 years of war, the Nazis carried out a nuclear attack, which changed the face of occupied Poland forever. Can a new world be born in the ashes of the old one? Take on the role of a 12-year-old kid who finds a mysterious Nazi bunker while roaming a post-nuclear wasteland. Will he find what he seeks there? Will he cope with the loss he has suffered?

Explore a vast underground world in which unusual, advanced technology mixes with Slavic folklore and myths. Are you ready to learn what fate its inhabitants met? Discover the past, shape the present. Decisions you make while learning the history of the bunker will affect what you will see on your journey. Your choices will gradually affect the game’s characters, but also its visual style, environment and sound effects,” the game’s Steam page says.

It sounds an interesting concept, but let’s hope the developers don’t go for a too large scope, with the execution being sub-par. Each console generation tends to have such a game. It will launch late this year (what a shock…) on PC, as well as PlayStation 5, and possibly the Xbox Series X.

(We wonder who the Nazis kept fighting for two decades. Did the Allies not get their act together?)

Source: PSU

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