Gran Turismo 7: Leak-Denial-Leak

Polyphony Digital is working on a new Gran Turismo, but despite Sony denying that its name is Gran Turismo 7, the new GT tends to leak this way…

Polyphony has previously said that the Japanese studio wants to make the next Gran Turismo reach as high of a frame rate as 240 frames per second. The PlayStation 5 game doesn’t have a name officially yet, but it may be called Gran Turismo 7. Next Level Racing has used this name as well: this company manufactures high-end racing cockpits, so they are on the same path that Gran Turismo uses. They published the following image on Instagram, showcasing four games’ logos that they say will launch this year, but aside from Automobilista 2, DiRT 5, and F1 2020, we also see… a Gran Turismo 7 logo.

Next Level Racing has responded by removing this post, and issuing this statement on their website: „Our team has recognized that a recent post by us using a logo has been misinterpreted by media and it does not reflect any information from our end, and we deny knowing any information regarding the launch of Gran Turismo 7. There have been assumptions made in the media that are quite simply untrue. Due to this, we have decided to take down our previous social post. Our Graphic Design Department used the mock logo that is circulated on the internet. We do apologize for any confusion that this might have caused.”

So far, so good, but now comes the weird, unusual twist by none other than the Brazilian official PlayStation Twitter account, which published a poll, asking „which of these games do you prefer playing on the living room sofa with someone?” The four answers included FIFA 20, Just Dance 2020, Knack II, and… Gran Turismo 7.

It got deleted, too. Sure, something might be happening behind the scenes, and the coronavirus pandemic might have impacted the development of the new Gran Turismo game, but we’ll possibly see on June 5, as there have been rumours of a PlayStation 5 event that day. Polyphony Digital might confirm that they did name their next GT as such.

Source: PSL

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