The Day Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US Got Banned

The company refers to its regulations on hateful and harmful messages.

Twitch expels the US president for his offensive speeches

Twitch, the streaming platform owned by Amazon, and focused on video games, has banned the official Donald Trump channel on its platform. In an official statement, the digital company refers to its regulations on hate and offensive content to explain the decision after the suspension to the account of the current President of the United States.


“Hateful behaviours are not allowed on Twitch. In accordance with our policies, President Trump’s channel has received a temporary suspension on Twitch for comments made during the broadcast, and the offending content has been removed,” – the company comments on a statement collected by Forbes.

Apparently, the Team Trump channel, the President’s official channel for his electoral campaign on this platform, was broadcasting old speeches by the president, whose content has violated the platform’s regulations.


Two Trump electoral speeches are the cause of the suspension.

Specifically, Twitch cites two speeches as the cause of the suspension. A 2016 campaign speech, recently reissued, in which Trump claims that immigrants from Mexico “bring drugs, bring crime, they are rapists,” and his recent Tulsa rally in which he again touched on immigration as the cause of the crimes, to defend the need to support the state police forces.


With the George Floyd case still very present in the nation, North American companies have begun to act in accordance with their regulations of use, something that until now they had avoided doing when it came to accounts or public figures with much followers. In fact, Twitch itself has banned Dr Disrespect forever this past week, one of its biggest figures with whom it had an exclusivity contract of $ 10 million a year, and which is proof of the change of mind on these platforms.


Source: 3DJuegos

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