Square Enix Registers The Tomb Raider Brand Again

The Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience Brand is now registered in the United States by Square Enix.

It is speculated that it is a compilation for Lara’s latest trilogy.


Square Enix will not have an event of its own this summer . With the changes and movements that the coronavirus has caused since March, the Japanese company plans to show its projects as part of other events of the summer , and for the months that we have left, it is possible that one of its next announcements has already been revealed – Tomb Raider: Ultimate Experience .



Recently the registration of the trademark “Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience” in the United States has come to light. The brand, targeted in the name of Square Enix, was first registered in 2018, although it was not released until a long time ago, and has now received a new extension from the company, demonstrating an intention to use it in the future.


Unfortunately, its trademark registration doesn’t offer much detail about the nature of the Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience, to say the least. On the internet they have begun to speculate that it was a compilation of the games of the last trilogy of Lara Croft, although the breadth of its registration, which covers categories from video games to cardboard products, toys and educational products, makes it impossible to rule out some kind of different experience .



Needless to say, this is all speculation at the moment. In the last few hours, an alleged leaked ad for the title has begun to circulate, although the indications are that it is a fake ad created by fans, so the Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience should be treated as a rumor until Square Enix makes an official announcement about it.



Since we can’t say anything else about this now, I would like to end the news with an article recommendation: let’s see what path Lara Croft has taken from birth to present day!

Source: 3DJuegos

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