Can Hideo Kojima be featured in Metal Gear Solid?

The film’s director hinted that the Metal Gear Solid movie will feature a character who could even be game director Hideo Kojima.

Although Hideo Kojima is known worldwide for his work in the Metal Gear saga, his media presence is sometimes reminiscent of that of a movie star. And it is no coincidence, because the famous video game designer has manifested on multiple occasions his passion for the seventh art, which has influenced his games so much.


The director of the film Metal Gear, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, spoke exclusively with Gamereactor about Kojima saying that he has a character that could be him. “There is one character that I have in the movie that would basically be him [Kojima],” said Vogt-Roberts. “And the way it is handled is in a meaningful way. It thematically represents something that I think would be a bit shocking to people, but also in line with something that Kojima would do.”


Both artists have a great relationship with each other by the way.

“If he finally ends up being Kojima or not, the feeling of the character is there, but it’s very important to me that he was there. I would love to have him as involved as you can, you know, obviously there are certain legalities and issues with Konami and their relationship, and I have to respect that,” the director continued. After this, Vogt-Roberts thinks that Kojima would like to be involved in the project, something that makes sense if we think about how much Metal Gear has meant for the creative.


We don’t know if Kojima will be present in any way in the Metal Gear Solid movie. What is clear is that the creative has a passion for cameos, since in Death Stranding, his most recent work, we could see a lot of well-known faces from the entertainment industry.


Death Stranding was recently released for PC after having had moderate success as a divisive title on Sony PlayStation 4. Our test can be read here.

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