Nintendo And PlayStation Are Among The Top 50 Japanese Companies

Nikkei’s report compared the highest average salary of Japanese companies from last year, with Nintendo and PlayStation also in the lead.

In recent weeks, the fiscal results of numerous Japanese companies for the past fiscal year, which in Japan ends on March 31 of each year, have been released. And with this, we have known details as curious as the salary charged by Nintendo executives, with incomes much lower than that of the great executives of EA or Activision, even in the case of its president. However, it seems that Nintendo pays its employees pretty well, just like PlayStation .


Both the former and the parent company of the latter are among the top 50 Japanese companies with the highest salaries, according to a Nikkei report. As a result of the publication of these fiscal results, this medium has prepared a ranking with the 50 Japanese companies that best pay their employees, based on the average salary recorded during the year 2019. For this, only those companies have been taken into account with more than 500 employees on staff.


And as expected, the head is occupied by specialized industrial companies like Keyence, and large finance groups. That does not mean that there is no gap for video games, one of the main Japanese markets. According to analyst Serkan Toto, Sony, the parent company of PlayStation, is ranked 25th in this ranking with an average annual salary of $ 100,000, after the currency exchange. And Nintendo is a little lower, at number 42, with an average of $ 88,600 per year among its employees.


Beyond these data, the end of the fiscal year has provided some curious details about the plans of these two companies. In the case of Nintendo, for example, its report warns of possible changes to its plans and releases due to the coronavirus. And on the part of PlayStation, sources from Bloomberg assure that the company wants to produce 10 million PS5 consoles this year.

Source: 3DJuegos

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