Epic Games Store adds another key feature: mod support, available as beta

For now, the first compatible game of Epic Games Store modding is MechWarrior 5, and it’s still somewhat limited.

Epic Games Store has a huge to-do list to complete if you want to catch up with Steam, it’s most direct competitor when it comes to performance. However, the parents of Fortnite advance slowly and inexorably: this week the achievement system was welcomed, and now we also have support for mods.

Like that one, mods debut in EGS in beta, and there is only one compatible game right now. This is MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, from the Battletech universe. “It’s an early iteration of the feature, but you can expect to see more compatible titles in the future. Stay tuned!” they comment from Twitter.

How is all this resolved? Mods directly integrated into EGS have a tab similar to that of full games, only it is slightly accommodated for the type of product you can expect. For example, if you visit Mechcommander: Mercenaries you will find how many positive votes and installations it accumulates, who created it, a label of the game aspect that it modifies (gameplay, in this case) and a description box.

If you are interested in modifying MW5, visit the game’s official blog, where its managers have compiled the initial list of recommended compatible mods to install. For now, the game is an explanation of Epic Games on PC, although you should not rule out its arrival on Steam in the future.

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