PS5 date and price? Bloomberg suggests there will be an announcement on PlayStation 5 in August

Internal sources speak of an announcement that has not yet been made public, unlike the State of Play.

This morning the PlayStation sales data for the first quarter of the year were released, where they also reiterate that the PlayStation 5 is on the way by the end of 2020. Although it is always interesting to know the sales and forecasts of the companies, what that everyone wants to know right now are two specific things: when the PS5 goes on sale, and how much the new console will cost. Well, according to reporter Takashi Mochizuki from Bloomberg, the next PS5 announcement will take place this month.

As part of his report on Sony’s financial results, the economic journalist states, based on internal sources from PlayStation, that the company will announce the console in August: “An employee of the PlayStation division, who has asked to keep anonymity, given that the plan is not yet public, said Sony’s next announcement about the PlayStation 5 is tentatively planned for this month. ” Although just yesterday a new State of Play of the company was announced for this week, said the event will be a presentation without important news from PS5.

Besides, Bloomberg points out that ” the plan is not public yet “, so the announcement that Mochizuki talks about must be something foreign to the event announced by PlayStation for this Thursday. With the new generation consoles planned for the end of 2020, but with numerous indications that point to November, the strange situation has arisen that neither the price nor the date of the consoles are known with just over three months to go. its presumable premiere.

A kind of cold war between the main manufacturers to see who shows their cards first, and fueled by 2020 without the typical format of fairs due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus. As usual, nothing should be taken as true until it is the PlayStation itself that officially confirms the matter, although Bloomberg has already fully hit the ground with the June presentation event. Without further ado, we remind you that recently the compatibility of PS4 accessories with the new PS5 has been detailed and that analysts forecast 120 million consoles sold in its first five years.

Source: Bloomberg

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