Halo The Master Chief Collection Mods And Whatever You Want

Halo The Master Chief Collection will be expanded with mods, server finder, cross-play, the new features will be handed out to the fans in 2020.

Although the phenomenal Halo: The Master Chief Collection originally launched in 2014, it wasn’t until last year that 343 Industries kicked off a whole arc of redemption that expands to this day, and plans to go much further. If the necessary adjustments to the game were not enough, the inclusion of Halo Reach, the customization that applied to other games, the seasons with cosmetics or the addition of Halo 3 ODST, take note of other features that arrive this year.

From the Halo Waypoint blog comes a substantial list of news on the way to Halo MCC, ranging from bug fixes to additions like cross-play between PC and Xbox, console mouse and keyboard support, control-based pairing (remotes controls, and MKB), manual selection of regional servers, a custom server browser, separate graphic and sound configuration options for each game, double key pairing for each game, a menu for sharing files on PC, “settings” and manual FPS cap, and linking of Steam accounts.

We highly recommend visiting the original entrance with all the details and launch windows for these features. With absolute transparency, the development sheet also includes a series of functions that are approved and in the process of being designed (improvements to the text chat or the reporting tool, for example) and also others that are still pending approval and decision (split-screen and HDR on PC, PC graphics options on console, and more). Apart from all this, there is an interesting section dedicated to the official support for mod, which has been confirmed for quite some time.

“Our goal is still to support mods, but due to changes in development priorities that often occur throughout a project, mods have been deferred over the past six months, or so ” comments 343. “The good news is that we’ve reached a point where we can re-cycle conversations, design, and planning. I’m also actively working on the EULA that sets the rules for mods and user-generated content. with our legal team. “Recognizing the frustration caused by the delay, the team ensures that they are in the final stages of the process and that once ready, they will be able to finally organize their implementation in the game.

Source: 3DJuegos

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