Can The Legendary Tenchu Return? All Signs Point To It!

Acquire has seized the name Stealth Assassins and Capcom has filed a trademark for Darkstalkers – the latest trademarks from Japan, including Tenchu.


Acquire, the developer of the Tenchu ​​series, defended the name “Stealth Assassins” in Japan on July 20th. “Stealth Assassins” was the western subtitle of the first Tenchu ​​game, originally released in 1998. However, the rights are already owned by FromSoftware.

In addition, Capcom filed a trademark for the titles “Darkstalkers,” “Capcom Cup,” “Capcom Fighters,” “Capcom Pro Tour,” “Street Fighter League,” and “World Warriors Challenge”.

It was less spectacular as GungHo Online Entertainment trademarked “Koutetsu Juuki Volta-X” – which is the Japanese name for Volta-X that has not yet been announced in the region – and Sega defended the newly announced “Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis ” name (without 2 in the title, which is weird).

Source: Gematsu

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