PlayStation 5: Weaker Multiplatform Performance And Higher Price Compared To The Xbox Series X?

Both consoles will have positives and negatives.

AestheticGamer/Dusk Golem (who you might know due to the Capcom and Silent Hill rumours and leaks) published a topic on the ResetEra forums, where he said the following: „ […] from some murmurings I’ve been hearing, I’ll just say I suspect this topic is going to age „interestingly” when a few more details on both platforms are revealed. I mean this in a few more ways, but to give the broadest idea, I’ll just say the Xbox Series X is by far more powerful than the PlayStation 5 if we’re just talking raw power, multi-platform games will run better there, it is something people are going to have to prepare themselves for. Add to this Microsoft are ready to lowball Sony when it comes to price. They can more easily make a sacrifice and get back profits from Game Pass than console sales than Sony can from that comparatively.

[The] PlayStation 5 is easier to develop for overall and Sony has very talented studios behind it that will get the most out of the PS5, that I have no doubts about either, but this topic is about how Microsoft will compete so what I’m focused on. But when it comes to cross-platform games, they will end up performing a lot better on Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X will have the tech advantage over PlayStation 5, and it will be more than marginal.

The basic gist of what I’ve heard is the PlayStation 5 is really good to work on for games exclusive to it, but in practice, the specs kinda’ get weird for multi-platform games. If multi-plat the usage of [the] PlayStation 5’s SSD systems does help a bit, but not to the fullest, and I’ve heard some dev friends talk a bit about the struggle PS5 has for 1080p games running 60fps still, while Xbox Series X doesn’t have the same problem and can push above that even in most cases. Of course, this is a small selection of people I’ve talked to, there’s more to it, but I hear something that’s going to make this generation a bit interesting is the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X’s focus in other areas are going to make multi-platform games „interesting” this generation, to the point we may see less of them and far more games coming to one platform or the other (plus PC), as it’s kinda’ hard to make a game optimal for both platforms due to where they’re a bit differently focused,” he wrote.

In a follow-up post, he confirmed that he was talking about Resident Evil (8): Village: „Okay, so I guess I’ll just come clean here… I’m talking about Resident Evil Village. The game’s terrible performance at the PS5 reveal event with the terrible frame rate present in the trailer was kinda the current status of the game on [the] PlayStation 5 as of a few months ago. The thing is, apparently the game runs perfectly on [the] Xbox Series X, they’ve been having some troubles getting the frame rate stable on PS5 (which as Sony had the rule to record the PlayStation 5 event gameplay on PS5, lead to the weird frame showing in that trailer). But it’s running in the RE Engine, and they’ll be making more optimizations to take advantage of the game there. The price stuff is from different sources, I said that earlier but will clarify here.

From what I’ve anecdotally heard from some other dev friends of mine, Xbox Series X does have the advantage when it comes to multi-platform games on most fronts. But this is still anecdotal from the few people I’ve talked to on this topic, but I think some people should get ready for that as it was consistent at least with everyone I’ve talked with making games for PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X,” he added.

And the price difference could be the reason why Sony contacted many third-party publishers for exclusivity deals…

Source: WCCFTech

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