A film is being made from Firewatch from the producers of Blindspotting

MOVIE NEWS – This will be the second run-in to try to adapt Firewatch to film after an attempt was already made in 2016.


Firewatch will make the leap to the big screen with a film adaptation of its story. This news may sound familiar to a Campo Santo fan, and in 2016 a project was already announced to bring Firewatch to the movies. Although that agreement with Universal did not bear fruit, and now, as reported in The Hollywood Reporter, the Valve-owned developer has found in Snoot Entertainment the ideal partner to carry out the Firewatch movie.

The American production company, responsible for films like Blindspotting or the future One Night in Miami by Regina King (Watchmen), will be in charge of adapting this adventure that places us in the forests of Wyoming in 1989. In the role of a forest agent named Henry, Firewatch tells a story of suspense and mystery as we enter these natural places, with a handheld radio as our only link with the rest of the world, through the supervisor who speaks to us via that radio.

Snoot’s Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder will lead the project, while Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin from Campo Santo will also serve as producers. “Jess and Keith are hard-working, visionary producers with impeccable taste for video games,” says Vanaman, director of the original game. “In our first conversation with them, we knew that they will be great partners. We have no doubts about their experience, their taste and their passion; and we assume that our own experience as developers will make us first-rate production partners.”

For its part, Snoot Entertainment says that “Firewatch was a spectacular achievement, a beautiful and heartbreaking work of art. We are delighted that Sean and Jake allow us to ruin their perfect game by turning it into a movie and/or television show.” If you haven’t played this award-winning adventure yet, which can be finished in an afternoon, don’t hesitate.

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