PS5 DualSense: It Will Scare Us In Horror Games!

The makers of Tormented Souls talked about the DualSense capabilities of the PS5: “You’ll feel the spiders in your hands!”


One of the main PS5 marketing supports is being the DualSense. There’s a lot of talk about the haptic vibration of the controller on Sony’s new home console and creatives seem delighted. Especially those who are developing horror games. If Capcom recently said that the DualSense was perfect for survival horror like Resident Evil 8 thanks to its 3D Audio, now it is the creators of the indie game Tormented Souls who have a similar opinion.

In an interview with the SegmentNext portal, Dual Effect Games have commented on their opinion about the possibilities that a peripheral such as DualSense can offer in horror games, stating that it can be quite effective in increasing the feeling of fear in games like own Tormented Souls.

The authors of survival horror imagine various utilities for the vibration of the controller: “The DualSense will be transcendent in the PS5 horror games as it will help the immersion of the player. I can imagine a plastic artifact full of spiders that you hold with your hands using the movement sensors of the joystick while you can feel all those little legs of spiders through the palm of your hand” they say from PQube.

The funny thing is that Tormented Souls is not confirmed for next-generation consoles, but is scheduled to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch throughout 2021. Although they have promised information about it soon.

Source: 3DJuegos

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