Nvidia closes historic purchase: $ 40 billion by chipmaker ARM

The company is well-positioned for an AI-centric technology future.

With a few years of breakthroughs in AI computing, especially within Nvidia‘s product range, this move strengthens a field like CPUs and mobile chips where the company didn’t have much of a pedigree. Except for its Tegra, by acquiring one of the most important chip manufacturers in the world. “AI is the most powerful technological force of our time, and it has ushered in a new era of computing, ” said Jensen Huang, founder and president of Nvidia.

“In the years to come, billions of computers powered by AI will create a new Internet of Things that will be thousands of times larger than today’s Internet of People. Our union will create a company fabulously positioned for the AI ​​era. ” Huang added, not to mention that “By uniting Nvidia’s AI computing capabilities with ARM‘s vast CPU ecosystem, we will be able to bring advancements to cloud computing, smartphones, PCs, autonomous cars and robotics, edge computing… And expanding AI computing to every corner of the planet. ”

For his part, ARM President Simon Segars comments that “by bringing together the technical virtues of our two companies, we can accelerate our progress and create new solutions that create a global ecosystem of innovation. My management team and I are excited to join Nvidia in writing this next chapter together. ” With its products present in all kinds of fields, from computers and smartphones to servers, televisions, control systems and general electronics, ARM’s instruction set are one of the most widely used and widely used in the world.

And their acquisition promises to have an immediate effect on Nvidia’s business, as they position themselves for a more AI future. In fact, beyond the performance that products such as Nvidia’s new 30 Series GPU will offer, and their general advancements in the graphics field, one of the main innovations has been the introduction of technologies such as DLSS and its rescaling by AI, which they promise to be key in the era of 4K.

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