After downplaying the intergenerational exclusives on PS5, Jim Ryan qualifies his words

“No one should be disappointed” with the PS4 versions, says the executive.

Remember when Jim Ryan commented that PS5 exclusives would not be intergenerational? In May of this year, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment responded to questions about intergenerational exclusives, where he made it clear that ” PlayStation believes in generations.” Something that was contradicted yesterday when the company itself announced that Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sackboy and the new Horizon will all have a PS4 version, in addition to their launch on PlayStation 5.

Well, in a new interview for The Washington Post, published after last night’s event, the head of PlayStation has returned to address the issue of exclusives between generations, with a very different opinion from May: ” No one should be disappointed The PS5 versions of those games have been built from the ground up to take advantage of the PS5 range of features, and we have an upgrade path for PS4 users to get the PS5 versions for free. It’s about giving people a choice. “.

“I am quite satisfied with the situation,” Jim Ryan concluded on the subject. Interestingly, its penultimate sentence is very similar to the message that Microsoft has reiterated over and over again this year in the face of the jump. And, in contrast, the PlayStation executive stated in May that ” we believe in generations, and whether with the DualSense controller, with the 3D audio, with the multiple ways in which the SSD can be used … Time to give the community something new, something different, that can only be truly enjoyed on PS5 . “

There is no doubt that the premiere of games like Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 is great news for users who do not want to jump first, although that does not mean that the change of ideas within PlayStation is very remarkable. Although it is also an understandable change, given the large number of PS4 consoles in the world, where Ryan promises that they will continue to support their previous generation.

“The PS4 community will continue to be incredibly important to us for 3-4 years. Many will transition to PS5 if we do our job well, but tens of millions will remain busy with their PS4,” he tells the Washington Post. Beyond these issues, we remind you that PlayStation 5 already has a price and a release date and that it will hit stores accompanied by games like the expected remake of Demon’s Souls. If you missed last night’s date, here are all the announcements from the PS5 event.

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