David Cage: „The Developers Will Focus On The Weaker Console”

The founder and CEO of Quantic Dream says the devs will aim for the lowest common denominator.

The Xbox Series S has been rumoured for months before the announcement, and it’s smaller, cheaper, and also weaker than its big brother, the Xbox Series X, as it has less RAM (10 GB instead of 16), a lower clock speed in its CPU (nearly 200 MHz of a difference), plus its GPU computing is a landslide behind (4 TFLOPS instead of 16; even the PlayStation 4 Pro is somewhat ahead with 4.2), which is why its maximum resolution will be 1440p on paper, but more likely 1080p in theory, as heard with a few games.

Billy Khan, the lead engine programmer at id Software, already expressed that the lack of RAM will be hard to be compensated, and he’s not alone in the Xbox Series S’ critical crowd. Here’s what Cage had to say to WCCFTech: „Many developers prefer consoles to PC because on consoles you only have to deal with one hardware, whereas on PC there are so many configurations, graphic cards, drivers, controllers etc. that makes the development much more complex.

When a manufacturer offers two consoles with different specs, there is a strong chance that most developers will focus on the lower-end version to avoid doing two different versions. I must confess that I am not a big fan of this situation. I think it is confusing for developers, but also for players, and although I can understand the commercial reasons behind this choice (a difference of €200 on the street price) I think the situation is questionable.

Regarding Quantic Dream, as we develop our technology and engines, we are determined to optimize our titles for each platform. Being now a PC developer, we are implementing scalable features based on the platform, which is very helpful to highlight what the hardware has best to offer,” Cage said.

So in other words, he thinks the devs will go for the lowest common denominator, meaning multiplatform titles will concentrate on the weakest console to have them run there before focusing on the stronger hardware, which in turn will have weaker performance/visuals, etc.

Source: WCCFTech

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