Sony Is Unifying Accounts For Its Services

A few years ago, something similar was already seen with SEN (Sony Entertainment Network), but now, the PlayStation Network is also neck-deep into this unification process.

In short: participating Sony Group services, a single login is going to be required, meaning you don’t have to remember several IDs, usernames, passwords, or email addresses, as the core account information will be unified under each service. The core account information includes your sign-in ID (email address), password, name, gender, language, date of birth, country or region, residential address, phone number, and security question and answer.

The participating services include PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Now under PlayStation Network; Xperia Lounge, Xperia Store, Xperia Care, My Support, and (My Account; Developer World) under Sony Mobile, Sony Community under Sony Electronics, and Sony Rewards – the site says that you will effectively have a single Sony account that could also be used for Sony Rewards that could get you some goodies even for spending money on the PlayStation Network, but the service availability isn’t worldwide.

If you already have a PlayStation Network account, you don’t have to do anything: your ID will become your Sony Account. Sony Rewards members on the other hand will have to link their PSN and Sony Reward accounts. However, if you have a Sony Rewards account that’s linked to your PlayStation Network, but the email addresses are different for the accounts, you’ll be prompted to enter the email address that you use to log into PSN upon signing in to Sony Rewards. After that, you must enter your PSN password, and when that’s done, your PSN credentials will take over the Sony Rewards ones, meaning you will have to log in with the PlayStation Network credentials on Sony Rewards, too. If you don’t have a Sony Rewards account, you can enrol with your PSN email address and password.

It sounds comfortable, but if there’s such a big hacking as in 2011, not only the PlayStation Network will go down but all Sony services. It’s a double-edged sword.

Source: PSL

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