Streaming Xbox Series X Games On Xbox One? Phil Spencer Doesn’t Rule It Out

The head of Xbox says that the games being made for the new Xbox (which will not get a current-gen version) could run on the old model with the help of streaming.

Yesterday, we already took quite a deep dive into what Phil Spencer told Kotaku, but there was a subject that we barely touched aside from the Nintendo Switch. The xCloud is Microsoft’s streaming service, which will get quite a competition (Amazon Luna, Sony PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now), but there’s an approach that Microsoft wants to use.

„When we think about Xbox One we think [could gaming] could be a good way for us to bridge generations and be able to let people play those games,” Spencer said. But when will it happen? „I don’t think it’s years off. It’s just [some] work to get [it] done. We know how to do it,” he added.

It’d be a logical move: as the xCloud is already on Android, and it could be available on iOS by avoiding the Apple App Store via a browser (similarly to Amazon Luna), and since Microsoft said about the PC that it is also a question of time, it’d underline when Spencer said they want to be available on as many platforms as possible, but the infrastructure’s quality and quantity could be an issue even for them, especially in countries where even the Google Stadia isn’t present yet, despite it having launched nearly a year ago.

But if they pull it off too late, the Xbox One getting the xCloud subscription (you need the Game Pass Ultimate for it) might be obsolete, as the console could be 9-10 years old, and in two years, the Xbox Series S might cost only two hundred dollars…

Source: WCCFTech

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