The first DLC of DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods is here [VIDEO]

Slayer takes on this downloadable standalone with a new mission, new enemies and locations.

As announced in the past, the fabulous DOOM Eternal today welcomes The Ancient Gods, Part One. As its name suggests, it is the first DLC included in the Year 1 season pass and includes three missions – about six hours long, according to those in charge – full of platforms, puzzles and unfortunate demons that will fall at the hands of Slayer.

You can take a look at what it has to offer us in the launch trailer accompanying the news. In social networks, it seems that the downloadable has quite a good acceptance. And then we have cases like DraQu, one of the most skilled and recognized players in the community, who has no qualms about showing off feats.

As a reminder, DOOM Eternal has also struck us as one of the most extraordinary FPS of recent times. In his corresponding analysis, our colleague Alejandro Pascual said that “it seems difficult to think that the franchise can further raise its degree of intensity, but it certainly succeeds.” Meanwhile, Bethesda and id Software, now under the aegis of Microsoft, are working on the second DLC of the game to close a whole narrative arc while waiting for news about the DOOM universe.

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