Gears 5 Is Getting A Story DLC [VIDEO]

The DLC, called Hivebusters, is going to arrive shortly – even though Gears (of War) 5 was released a long time ago, The Coalition keeps improving it.

Zoe Curnoue, the principal lead producer of Gears 5, told the following to IGN in a new interview: „All I can say [that is coming in] December and the title [of the DLC] is Hivebusters, so it might give you a little hint as to what that content might contain. That’ll be available on the new consoles as well, so it’ll be optimized for those two.” The DLC will be about 3-4 hours long, and the protagonists will be Team Scorpio’s people seen in the Escape co-op mode (Keegan, Lahni, and Mac).

The Coalition’s technical director, Mike Rayner, added: „So the things that we’re doing with global illumination and constant mapping I think are a good example, and we’ve made sure that the content is set up to take advantage of that. The ultra-res textures are now there and we can kind of tune them and make sure that they show up in 4K resolution with the additional memory we have on these consoles and the ability to stream them in super fast.”

A familiar face will also be part of the campaign (Dave Bautista „Batista”): „He had his fan campaign on Twitter, vying to be the star in the much talked about movie ideas and things like that, but this is a great way of delivering that to fans. And of course, he was super excited to participate when they did the skin for multiplayer. I think doing this in the campaign was just a natural evolution to say, okay, well the fans and he have said they want Batista as Marcus, so let’s make it happen,” Curnoe added. There will also be two new difficulty levels (Inconceivable, and the permadeath Ironman) in the campaign. Don’t forget New Game+ either.

Gears 5 is going to be a launch title on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, meaning it will be available from November 10. On the stronger new Xbox, it will support up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS.

Source: WCCFTech, Gematsu

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