Xbox Game Studios: Microsoft Is Planning Japanese Acquisitions

The Redmond-based company wants to make sure that they aren’t looked at (and down) as foreigners in Japan, which is part of why the Xbox hasn’t been that successful there.

We still hardly believe that Microsoft spent several billion dollars to acquire Zenimax, which itself owns Bethesda, as well as the studios and the respective IPs under them. However, the American company is already eyeing the next acquisition: Bloomberg reported the following: „Several Japan-based game developers, from small to big, said [Microsoft] had approached them about buying their businesses.” As expected, the studios were not named, but it falls in line what Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has previously said: „It would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular a Japanese studio [for Xbox Game Studios].”

Famitsu previously said that in Japan, the Xbox One had an incredibly low percentage in 2019: 0.1%. We did not typo there, that is one-tenth of a per cent. It will be improved by the [Xbox] Game Pass, as well as the Xbox Series S, as Japanese players don’t have a lot of room, and they might not be capable of putting the „fridge,” or the Xbox Series X if you prefer, anywhere. Then again, the PlayStation 5 is also a massive console…

While China and the United States are bigger markets than Japan, the Asian country remains the biggest based on per-capita spending. And who knows, maybe it’s SEGA Microsoft is planning to get (after all, they have had huge losses in the amusement department, which is why they sold off their arcade machines division… but they also got unlucky, as the Japanese version of the Xbox Series port of Yakuza: Like A Dragon got inexplicably delayed).

We might hear about the announcement by the time 2020 ends.

Source: PCGamer

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