PlayStation Plus: What Do We Get For The First 2021 Line-Up?

We are once again at the last Wednesday of the month, meaning the question is standing: those who pay money to have a PlayStation Plus membership (which is necessary to have online multiplayer in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 titles), what games are they getting to expand their digital collection in the first month of 2021?

You still have a chance to get caught up on the December games, so in case you missed them (or, in a better scenario, received a PlayStation 4 or even a PlayStation 5 for Christmas), then you can get Worms Rumble (which launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as a PlayStation Plus title outright, similarly to Rocket League before), Just Cause 4, and – possibly due to December – a third title, Rocket Arena. All of these were joined by a free multiplayer weekend, as well as Bugsnax still up for grabs this week on PlayStation 5, not to mention the PlayStation Plus Collection.

But what is Sony starting 2021 with? The PlayStation 5 owners will get the open-world shark RPG (ShaRkPG?) called Maneater, while the PlayStation 4 users can acquire Shadow of the Tomb Raider (the third and final instalment of the Lara Croft’s origin story reboot trilogy), as well as Greedfall by Spiders. All three titles are available on the PlayStation 5 with the help of backwards compatibility, available for free until February 1 for the subscribers. Interestingly, Saudi Arabia does not get Maneater, and the Middle-East are also locked out of Greedfall (they get Assetto Corsa instead), plus Japan and South Korea get Mistover instead.

These moves showcase how Sony want to ease the subscribers over into the PlayStation 5 stable. Currently, the subscribers get a single PlayStation 5 title (with access to all three), while the PlayStation 4 users get two games but no access to the PS5 title.

Source: PS Blog

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