Will The Nintendo Switch Remain The Best-Selling Console In 2021?

Several analysts predict that in 2021, the Nintendo Switch will sell more units than the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series.

On Gamesindustry, we can read that NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella, Kantan Games’ Dr Serkan Toto, and Ampere Analysis’ Piers Harding-Rolls all predict that the big N’s hybrid platform will remain the best-selling console, despite both Sony and Microsoft launching two new consoles (although in the PlayStation 5’s case, the only difference is the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive).

„Despite the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, it will be the Nintendo Switch that ends up selling the most units of console hardware in 2021,” Piscatella explained. However, unlike the other two analysts, he doesn’t believe that Nintendo will release a stronger Nintendo Switch (dubbed the Switch Pro – regarding this rumour, Doug Bowser, the American president of the big N, said that they don’t have such an idea on the cards, and we talked about it).

„Everybody expecting the Switch to run out of steam in 2021 is in for a bitter disappointment. The Switch will be the best-selling console this year as well, driven by more first-party games, a hardware refresh, and the device having developed into a lifestyle product for the mass market throughout 2020,” Toto said about the Shuntaro Furukawa-led Japanese console manufacturer’s product.

Harding-Rolls predicts that roughly 24 million Switch units will be sold by the end of the year, while the combined total of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series will reach 25 million. „Last year I was unconvinced there would be a new flagship model Switch in 2020, but it makes more commercial sense to release an updated version in 2021,” he added.

In 2020, the Switch outsold the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as they were heading into the sunset, although the former had two big exclusives (The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima). The situation this year will be different.

Source: VG247

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