Outriders: Why Are There Constant Cutscenes? The Developer Responds

People Can Fly explains why we see cutscenes almost regularly in Outriders that allows three people to play together cooperatively.

Eurogamer talked with People Can Fly’s Piotr Nowakowski, the game’s lead designer, and he explained why the team decided to use the cutscenes in the co-op title: „I’m the person who’s triggering the travel, so I want to jump to the other side and start a battle on the opposite side.

Let’s imagine one of my friends is next to the city, to Rift Town. The second one is travelling along the main path towards the enemies there. I cannot just go there and trigger three different areas because it will not work in a game without dedicated servers. Second, if I will just trigger that transition, then the two others will be teleported. Then they will see, okay, where are we? Our idea – maybe it doesn’t work exactly as we wanted – but the idea was, okay, show all the players what’s happening, that we are jumping on the opposite side. So they see, okay! Same with the doors. Okay, we are entering that area. Our idea was to explain what’s going on. Plus, we just need to gather all the players and not separate them in different areas,” Nowakowski said.

Previously, People Can Fly planned to use fade-ins and fade-outs when moving between areas, but the playtesters said this choice was disorientating. Bartek Kmita, the creative director, explained why this was changed: „A good example is opening the door. That was only because people in playtests said, ‘oh, where am I? Why was I teleported?’ So we needed to have these cutscenes. We couldn’t have done it so manually you can go through the doors because we have a multiplayer game that opens different problems for us.”

Outriders will launch on April 1 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247

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