Sony Faced An Internal War For The Control Of PlayStation!

Sony‘s Japanese arm has been competing with the American branch to control the PlayStation brand. The result is clear, and the effects can be noticed.

We have previously discussed the ex-Sony employee who has held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in regards to the death of the PlayStation Vita having been planned for years by Sony, as well as how the popular franchises are ignored if they don’t make a profit. Now, on Reddit, this user (whose work history has been verified by Reddit’s moderators) talked about the effective cultural civil war that has happened within Sony.

„PlayStation is a historically Japanese brand. In the time since PlayStation debuted, America has grown to be the largest video game market. There’s been a lot of internal competition for the ‘control’ of the PlayStation brand and over the past several years you can see where America has been winning. Relocation of HQ, shutdown of most of Japan Studios, and the DualSense’s X default confirm are some of the notable examples off the top of my head,” the user wrote.

We have been saying for months that Sony is Americanizing itself, and this user proves us right. The PlayStation 5 has also kicked the 25-year tradition to the curbside in Japan: until then, the X and the Circle had reversed roles in the country (but the PS5 switched the roles to the Western layout…). The user added that „Sony is becoming more American and it’s being allowed to happen because America is now the ‘premier’ video game market.”

Someone asked him about Jim Ryan, and the user answered that they never interacted with him, but they believe he is „a businessman first and foremost.” And that says a lot.

Source: PSL

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