The Last Of Us Part II: Did Naughty Dog Give Up On DLC?

Naughty Dog‘s PlayStation 4-exclusive that was released last Summer after several delays might have had its plans changed.

Jason Schreier, Bloomberg’s writer, talked on the newest MinnMax Show about Naughty Dog’s upcoming projects, while the team is waiting for the studio’s next significant title to exit pre-production (which is an important phase in game development before it does go under full developing status). He says part of the team is developing the multiplayer for The Last of Us Part II (the Factions mode), while other devs have been shifted to focus on T1X, also known as The Last Of Us’ remake, which we mentioned previously in the news.

„I believe at one point [Naughty Dog] was thinking about DLC [for The Last Of Us Part II], but I don’t think that happened,” Schreier said. However, we have no information what state of production this DLC may have been in, but Schreier added that Naughty Dog „may still do something” for the game, although it might be a race against time. Games, especially single-player, offline titles, tend to get their last DLC roughly a year after their launch, so the studio might be running out of time here. It would be a big surprise, though if Naughty Dog doesn’t do an equivalent of the first game’s Left Behind DLC.

However, let’s recall what Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us Part II said in September: „Thank you to all the wonderful fans for an incredible The Last of Us Day! Your positivity and love are incredibly inspiring. Oh… and about that other thing… be patient. It’ll be worth it.”

It might be the DLC that Schreier recently mentioned. We still don’t understand why there’s a potential The Last of Us remake in development. What’s the point of that?

Source: GamesRadar

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