Returnal Makers Didn’t Know About the Price

The creators of Returnal found out about the price of the game almost at the same time as the players.

Housemarque says he remains focused on improving the PS5 game and thinks of new content.

PlayStation 5 received a new exclusive at the end of April. Housemarque launched the roguelike shooter Returnal, a very interesting video game, which has had a good general acceptance by the specialized press and gamers. Of course, many doubted whether this game deserved the full price of the new generation Triple-A games, which in Europe stands at 70 EUR.

We will probably have this debate repeatedly, but now we have some curious information. Housemarque’s marketing director, Mikael Haveri, has acknowledged in an interview with Axios that the studio knew the price of the game almost at the same time as the players. “We found out about the same time as the general public,” commented the worker.

But apparently, Housemarque was already prepared to justify a higher price for its new game compared to the titles it had previously released. Development of the video game began in 2017, but the project was not initially going to be that different from other studio productions. The game grew thanks to the support of Sony, who was delighted with what they saw.

As Haveri revealed in this interview, the Returnal demos that the studio was releasing internally continued to impress Sony more and more, something important, since they were financing the video game. As development progressed, Housemarque was able to convince Sony to give some more support, which allowed them to expand the game.

Haveri has stated that the studio is focused on ” new content, updates and the like”, although he has not provided further details. Will we see DLC? More free content? It is impossible to know at the moment, but what we do know is Housemarque’s intention to implement a save function in Returnal. The company is working on it but has not yet found the solution.

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