Jeff Leach’s Situation Continues: The Other Side Of The Coin

The case has rolled forward ever since Activision Blizzard got rid of one of the voice actors of Call of Duty.

We previously discussed how the publisher who fired Jeff Leach (who voiced Ghost in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remake and Call of Duty: Warzone) for his sexist comments, but the story is far from over. Okay, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitch competitor booted him, too, but he’s not alone: Luke „NitroLukeDX” Pickering, who previously brought the situation into light, also got fired from Facebook Gaming!

Since the accusations against Leach surfaced, Twitter users have been pointing out that Pickering also had used highly offensive and demeaning language in some past videos. You can see an example here. Here’s a statement that a Facebook Gaming spokesperson sent to Gamesindustry: „We expect our Facebook Gaming partners to model a high standard of conduct. As of today, we have ended our contract with Jeff Leach and terminated his partner status with Facebook Gaming. We’ve done the same with NitroLukeDX due to his behaviour on prior streams.”

Leach initially reacted to the accusations against him in a video, saying that Pickering had edited and manipulated the footage he released on May 7, accusing him of character assassination. „I can’t wait to have this beautiful and majestic legal response go out from my lawyers to him. The more he’s edited and manipulated the footage, what happens there is he’s presenting an out-of-context assassination of someone’s character. That’s what he’s done. It’s embarrassing for him and all his little trolls. So I’m excited to speak to my lawyers and my Facebook partnerships manager and see what can be done about this,” said Leach, as reported by Esports News UK.

On Twitter, Leach added that the comments he made in the Pickering video were made against „a hateful, toxic troll who came into [his] community chat to attack [him] and [his] community. I have done the same to men who think that internet trolling and toxic behaviour are clever. I’m a stand up comic. You made this a gender-related issue and took it out of context.”

The worst part is that Leach and Pickering have a history of conflict…

Source: Gamesindustry

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