Dying Light 2’s Story Will Strongly Connect To The First Game’s Plot [VIDEO]

Dying Light 2 will not be an independent game: its plot will have a lot of ties to the first game from 2015.

Techland has published a new Q&A video, featuring Tymon Smektala (the lead game designer) and Julia Szynkaruk (an associate producer). Their main topic was a question: which ending of Dying Light: The Following is canonical? „It’s still a bit too early to tell you, but let me just say that the events in Dying Light 2 and the events that lead up to Dying Light 2 are very strongly connected with what happened in the first game. When you play Dying Light 2, you’ll surely discover the answer to this big question,” Smektala said. „The story of Dying Light 2 takes place several years after the story of Dying Light 1. Kyle Crane was such an important person in all the events that happened in Dying Light 1, so he must have left at least an impact on what will happen in Dying Light 2,” Szynkaruk added.

The GRE (Global Relief Effort) organization will be still strongly present in the sequel. Here’s how: „The GRE is such an enormous organization, and they left very many traces on the map. So yes, this organization was very wealthy, very powerful, so imagine what you can find when looking for those traces,” according to Szynkaruk. „GRE is making a return in Dying Light 2 and it will play a very important part in the overall worldbuilding of the game. You will see plenty of bits and pieces, collectables, notes and references to what happened to GRE and how it connects and what role it places in the events between Dying Light 1 & 2. Another thing is that you will also encounter a lot of GRE related stuff in the game. There will even be open-world activities built around you discovering and exploring abandoned GRE Labs and Quarantine Areas, so if you’re interested in the backstory of GRE you’ll have a lot of places where you will be able to learn it,” Smektala claims.

He also mentioned how we will have an impact on Aiden, the protagonist of Dying Light 2: „Aiden is a defined character when the game starts and he has his motives, his mood, and characteristics. All of these things impact how he behaves at the start of the game. But he’s also a character that is searching for identity and he’s also searching for discovery for a secret from his past.

As the game progresses, the character arc builds and you have an impact on the character arc. Actually, by your decisions, you will be able to kinda change or decide what Aiden you will have at the end of the story, at the end of the whole experience. So, depending on your choices, Aiden can be a little bit more selfish or a little bit more focused on the collective and the needs of others, and I think this is the most important thing that you will decide regarding the character,” he said.

Dying Light 2 might launch in 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech

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